Sunday, January 22, 2012

Personal Story

- Enough of the Lies -
I'm a sixteen-year old f2m transsexual. My girlfriend and I have been together, completely in secret, for 11 months now. My parents are your classic homophobic Christians. Her parents accept the fact that there are gays out there, but both she and I know that if we came out to them, we'd be separated in an instant. Sure, it's fine for other people to be gay, but God forbid it's their own daughter. Not to mention, they hate me to begin with because she and I "hang out too much." We can't come out at home, we can't come out at school, we live in a small enough town that we can't be open anywhere for fear that someone will see, and everyone will know. We're just longing for the day that we turn eighteen and can finally be together. Together as the loving couple that we are. Our love is forbidden, but we are the star-crossed lovers, met through fate. She's my beautiful Juliet, and I'm her ever-loving Romeo. Love is love; it has no boundaries. When will the world see?

-- Romeo

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some Special Events!

Hello everyone!

I just thought that I'd update this blog for the first time in a long while with some important dates that might be of interest to you as part of the GLBT community and its supporters.  Today (October 11, 2011) is National Coming Out Day!  Of course, you don't have to come out today.  The door is always there and you hold the key poised, whenever you're ready to come out.  Today is a day to show your support and let those that have not yet come out yet know that it's safe to do so.

Next week, October 17-21 is Ally Week.  This week is for those that have aligned themselves with the GLBT community that are standing up against anti-GLBT language, bullying, and other forms of harassment in the schools.  If you would like to pledge to be an ally or register your student event, or even just get more information, you may click HERE and you will be taken to

I just thought that I'd let you all know that we're still a functioning website and update you on any happenings that we come across.

As always, you're welcome to email us at with your stories, art, videos, and/or special events that you feel are worth mentioning.  We'd love to hear from you and don't forget to spread the word!

Thanks so much!

--The Moderators

Monday, June 27, 2011

Videos: Prop 8-- The Musical

I would have posted the video itself, but embedding was disabled, so the link will have to suffice for now.

--The Moderators

Personal Story: The Origin of Words Part 1

I finally found out where the word "fag" comes from.  I got so angry while reading this.
The word "fag" in British means a cigarette.  According to South Park, it means a person who rides a really loud motorcycle.  But originally, it meant "a bundle of sticks".  So how did this turn into a derogatory term for a gay person?
Back when they burned witches, they didn't JUST burn witches.  They would tie the witches to a stake and put little bundles of sticks around the bottom of it so the fire would have something to catch onto.  And thats where they would put gay men.  They would tie them up and set them on the sticks, then light them on fire.  It was supposed to signify that homosexuality was worse than being a witch.
So next time anyone even thinks about using that word, think about what you're saying.  
--Submitted by Ezra Zee

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Writing-- Play


(We see a very tidy-looking living room.  There is a white couch, a framed family portrait on the wall, a big red armchair next to the couch that is forming sort of an "L" shape with the couch, and a large wooden cross hanging up on the wall.  A boy, MATTHEW, wearing a button-down and a semi-spiky haircut, is sitting on the armchair.  His parents are on the couch.  His dad is wearing a business suit and his mom is wearing a pink sweater set, white capris and a short blonde bob with bangs.  MATTHEW keeps nervously messing with a ring on his right hand throughout the scene.  The three of them are watching a cheesy sitcom on TV)

Girl on TV: Oh my God, Becky, Timmy just totally asked me to the prom! –laugh track-

Dad: Hey, Matthew, don't you have a prom coming up soon?

Matthew:   Ummm… -looks down and plays with ring, mumbles- yeah, I guess…

Mom:  Really? Are you planning on going with anyone?  How about that cute little Cynthia from across the street?  I'm sure she'd love to go with you…

-everyone freezes except Matthew.  The lights go down, a spotlight on Matthew-

Matthew:  This would be the perfect moment to tell them… -sigh- I wonder how they'll react when I do…

-Everyone un-freezes.  The TV is still on in the background-

Matthew:  Actually, guys, I was planning on going with someone.  But, um, it's not Cynthia…

Mom (casually, still watching TV):  Really?  Who is it, then?

Matthew:  Well, me and Aaron decided to go together…

Dad (also paying more attention to the TV than the conversation):  Oh, so he didn't have a date either?  

Matthew:  Um, not exactly.  Umm…  Could you guys turn the TV off for a minute?  I have to tell you something…

-Dad turns off TV.  Both look at him expectantly-

Matthew:  Well, uh, mom, remember last week how you commented on how I haven't dated any girls since I was a freshmen?

Mom (misunderstanding):  Oh, honey, you know I didn't mean anything bad, it's just that you're such a nice boy, and so handsome, and…

Matthew (cutting her off): No, mom, that's not what I… -sighs, buries face in hands for a few seconds, then looks back up and tries again)  Um, well, you see, when me and Aaron were 14, he told me that he thought he could possibly be, well… um… gay.  And—

Mom (cutting him off with a loud gasp): Do his parents know?!?

Dad:  Wow, I'm amazed that you were still comfortable around him after that… -reaches over to put his hand on Matthew's shoulder.  Matthew looks away- You truly are a good friend, son.

Matthew (still looking away, shrugs his dad's hand off and crosses his arms):  Just… nevermind.  Forget it.  

-A pause.  Comprehension slowly dawns on them.  Mom suddenly gasps.  Dad leaps up from the couch so he is standing over his son.-


-Mom begins sobbing-


Matthew (gulping.  Holding back tears):  I… I… 

-Dad suddenly walks across the room, facing the wall.  He runs his hand through his hair.  Matthew gets up to sit next to his mom on the couch and tries to comfort her, but she turns away from him-

Mom (quietly, almost to herself):  My son… My only son… Is a sinner.  –sobs-

Matthew:  Mom, don't say that.  If being gay was a sin, why would God make me this way?

-Mom just sobs harder-

-long pause-

Dad:  Matthew… I can't let you see Aaron anymore.

Matthew:  Dad, no!  That's not fair!

Dad (turn to face him and shouts):  LIFE ISN'T FAIR!!!!!!!!!

-Pause.  Mom still sobbing.-
Dad:  I can't be here right now.


Matthew: …Mom…?

Mom (quietly):  I can't… look at you… right now…

-leaves the room-

-Matthew buries his face in his hands.  Lights go down for a second, then come back up-

Dad: Hey, Matthew, don't you have a prom coming up soon?

Matthew:   Ummm… -looks down and plays with ring, mumbles- yeah, I guess…

Mom:  Really? Are you planning on going with anyone?  How about that cute little Cynthia from across the street?  I'm sure she'd love to go with you…

-long pause-

Matthew:  …No… I think I'm just going to do something else that night.

-Matthew gets up and leaves the room.  His parents keep watching TV, totally clueless.-

-lights fade out-

Thanks, Ezra Zee for sending us your play!  It can now be found under the heading "Writing."

The Moderators

Monday, March 7, 2011


Just a warning: the following picture sent in to us contains some offensive language.  Consider yourself warned, you may proceed...

Thank you Ezra Zee for finding this picture and sharing it with us!  We apologize for the quality of it in this post.  It was small to start off with, so when we made it bigger, it became grainy... you can still read the important parts though!  Thanks again!

Please don't hesitate to send us your work!  We will not give out your email address to anyone.  We will also not sell it.  You do not have to use your real name.  We want to hear from everyone who reads this blog!

Be sure to spread the word to people you know!  That's the only way this site will stay alive!

This picture is now available on the Art page.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spread the Word!

Hello everyone!

Our page has been doing quite well, considering how short of a time it's been in existence.  Thank you to those that were kind enough to submit your experiences and talents to us.  We would definitely like to put more on here, so ask your friends and/or family to post their stories or work here!  Or make a blog post advertising us and calling those that you barely know to come by!

The more pieces we have on this site, the more this will work.  Please help!

Thank you for your attention!

Miss Magenta and Autumn, Moderators